The Poe Film Festival is not currently accepting pitches or scripts other than through the contest format.

What makes a great film festival a GREAT film festival?

Well, of course, the films, but secondly – the judges. Ours are the best!

We’ve looked at more than 200 films of all kinds this year. After two rounds, we narrowed them down to 24 Official Selections. Then we handed them over to our finals judges. And boy were we excited to do that, because look at the talent and experience of our 2020 judges:

Annette Bedrossian is an accomplished filmmaker in Los Angeles, who recently earned a Master’s in Fine Arts in TV and Film Production. Her film, “Night Tide,” won Best Adapted Short Film in the 2019 Poe Film Festival.

Eric Carlson is director of the Virginia Screenwriters Forum and multi-award-winning screenwriter.

BK Fulton is founder and CEO of Soulidifly Productions, LLC, a film and TV production company.

Daniel Gonzales is a top animator for the Walt Disney Animation Studios and animation instructor.

Mary Nelson is liaison for the Virginia Film Office and the state’s many film festivals.

Rebekah Pierce is an acclaimed playwright, author, and founder of RLP Productions, Richmond.

Chris Semtner is curator of the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond and Poe story expert.

Oliver C. Speck is a film studies professor and author at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Their scores and comments are coming in now. So you can be sure our awards are well-earned. Thank you judges!

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