The Poe Film Festival is not currently accepting pitches or scripts other than through the contest format.

One week to go, and we’re excited to screen our 25 Official Selection films at the amazing Robertson Theater at the Institute for Contemporary Art at the Virginia Commonwealth University. Today we praise contributions by international filmmakers.

Our guests will be entertained by three short films by independent international filmmakers, from Australia, Great Britain, and Iran. Each of them features a Poe-like story structure – creative, rising action, and eliciting emotion from the audience.

“Are You Volleyball?” from Iranian director Mohammad Bakhshi, explores how sectarian tension at a Middle East border can be bridged by a simple spontaneous volleyball game.

“Serenade” from director Ben Mallaby (U.K.) is a one-setting, super short about a couple whose vocal talents don’t match. And Australian director Dan Jones uses knife-play in a story about two chefs in a love triangle, in “Kitchen Shadows.”

Come join in the fun at the Pro Film Awards next weekend!

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