The Poe Film Festival is not currently accepting pitches or scripts other than through the contest format.

Congratulations to our amazing Official Selection filmmakers:

44 Scarves of Liza Minnelli by Russell Brown
Boundary by Anthony Faust
The Creepy Line by M.A. Taylor
A Date with Mister Mappleton by Gabriel Akpo-Allavo
Dystopian Snow Globe by Charlotte Wincott
Fire Underground by Nick Crockett
Forgotten by Herb Cremer & Joe Cremer
Heartsick by Stewart Schill
Kibbler by Adlih Torres
Lady Usher by George Adams
Leora by Tonia Kempler
Living with the Dead by Keith Stoute
Maestro by iLLOG!C
Masque of the Red Death by Don Tepper
Melted by Nikki Chapman
Note for Note by Olivia Santos
The Reckoning of Darkness by Christopher Kulikowski
Secondhand by Will Mayo and Ian Scott McGregor
Seven Seconds by David Bertoni
Skywatch by Colin Levy
Tell-Tale Heart by Jack Lawrence
The Priest by Michael Vukadinovich
To Be Free by Scott P. Yates
The Yellow Wallpaper by Kevin Pontuti

They will compete for top honors in six categories: Best Quarantine Film, Best Animation, Best Documentary, Best Adapted Film, Best Original Film, and Best Original Short Film.

Be sure to join us for all of the fun on November 13-19!

And there’s more-

Our Burning Love Screenplay Contest winners will be selected during the festival as well.  Stay tuned for more news!

Poe Film Festival is a hell of a fest and weekend.   

— Paul von Stoetzel, director (MN), The Conqueror Worm, 

2019 winner for Best Adapted Film