The Poe Film Festival is not currently accepting pitches or scripts other than through the contest format.

Spellbound we were.
Chicago screenwriter Robert Herzog and his captivating tale of a fearless eight-year-old boy in “Windows Wicked” captured first place in The Poe Contest’s one-day Halloween script competition.
Rob’s script earned the highest first round score in a very competitive field of stories about alternative worlds, ghosts, zombies, people who should be dead but aren’t, and even a biopic of E.A. Poe.
In his dramatic “Windows Wicked,” Rob introduces us to Eddie Quinn, a boy who’s up way too late. He’s training a flashlight on his toy soldiers when something starts clawing at his window screen. Now we’re hooked.
For his highest-scoring submission among the 24-hour submissions on Halloween, Rob earns a $100 cash prize, and a pass to the semi-final round of judging early next year.
All of the Halloween scripts continue in the competition. And we have good news for the runners-up. All of the Halloween stories automatically advance to the second round of judging! Congratulations to our spooky writers (meaning writers of spooky stories).
Remember, the early deadline in The Poe Contest is November 21. Enter through Withoutabox and Film Freeway.
Wait, what’s that scratching on the screen? MAMA!

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