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Seventh in a series of articles from our visits to colleges and universities that are invited to participate in the 2018 College Film Awards.

Remarkable! The commitment, passion, joy, and indomitable spirit of the Regent University film school create the perfect environment for remarkable movie making. No surprise then that Regent captured the grand prize award at the 2017 Poe Film Festival College Film Awards.

Jarrod Anderson, director of the top film, “Changing Jane,” and Nathanael Dunn, director of the best story, “Until Death Do Us Part,” led all Official Selections on the judges’ scoresheets, propelling Regent University to its status as Top Film School in Virginia.

We visited the university’s campus in Virginia Beach to formally present the winner’s check, sponsored by the Virginia Film Office. And in grand Regent fashion, we were treated to a reception with the College’s dean, Dr. Robert Herron Jr.; the School’s director, Dr. Peter Fraser; its renowned film professor, Andrew Quicke, and its accomplished documentarian/professor Vincent Williams. Also joining us was student filmmaker Nick Moon, whose production, “Ticking Hearts,” earned Official Selection honors at the festival.

After the reception at the university’s impressive Communications Building, Peggy Southerland, whose title is Professional in Residence (but who we believe is really the person in charge), gave the Poe festival directors a complete tour of Regent’s production facilities. Amazing. We were astounded by the quality and quantity of equipment available to students as well as studios, animation room, voiceover booth, audio facilities, and an auditorium that rivals any university venue we’ve seen in Virginia.

More impressive than its production facilities are Regent’s 125 undergraduate and 100 graduate film students. Drawing from a national and international pool of talent, Regent students share a passion and dedication to positive storytelling. Peggy and Andrew beamed with pride when recalling how their students deliver their messages with mounting drama and efficiency. It is remarkably similar to Edgar Allan Poe’s Philosophy of Composition — rising tension, unity of effect, reaching for the proper emotion in the audience.

Regent University filmmakers have won top prizes in more than 300 film festivals across the country, an awesome accomplishment for any university. For more information:

Professor Williams promises more quality submissions to the 2018 Poe Film Festival, including documentaries. We can’t wait to watch this year’s Regent student films. Go Royals!

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