The Poe Film Festival is not currently accepting pitches or scripts other than through the contest format.

Sixth in a series of articles from our visits to colleges and universities that are invited to participate in the 2018 College Film Awards.

If you want a true Virginia college experience, look no further than the traditions and forward-looking vibe you find at Old Dominion University in Norfolk.

ODU is the Commonwealth’s leading entrepreneurial research university, offering 120 undergraduate majors with courses designed to propel graduates into successful careers in business, technology, medicine and the arts.

Belying its name, the university is one of the freshest faces among Virginia schools, having been established in 1930 by its neighbor to the west, College of William and Mary. It gained independence from W&M in 1962, and has established itself as a powerhouse in research, technology, athletics and … film!

We stopped by the University Theater to visit Professor David Mallin, director of the ODU film program. His creative students explore both narrative and documentary filmmaking in two emphasis areas in filmmaking: BA in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Cinema Production and BA or BS in Communication with an emphasis in cinema and television production.

We watched Professor Mallin’s work on a recent documentary screened by the Virginia Production Alliance, “Uma,” shot in Mali and produced with student help. Perhaps more student documentaries could be submitted for the College Film Awards in a few months.

Also, we learned from our visit that the ODU student film club partners with a similar club at Regent University.
That’s an interesting arrangement that surely helps both schools.

Welcome ODU filmmakers to our screening party and awards this year. We look forward to your submissions. Go Monarachs!

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