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Sixteenth in a series of articles from our visits to colleges and universities that are invited to participate in the 2018 College Film Awards.

There are 60 lucky students at Liberty University in Lynchburg.

Sixty students hand-selected by film professors for their creativity, passion, and commitment to fresh filmmaking comprise the awesome pool of talent for Liberty University’s award-winning Department of Cinematic Arts. And are we lucky to watch their films for the 2018 College Film Awards!

Liberty University, the largest private non-profit university in the nation with a total enrollment of more than 110,000 (who knew!), limits its film program to the highest potential 60 students. At our recent meeting with Professor Douglas Miller, we learned that these select students are shepherded through an intensive two-year program that culminates in a capstone film project.

What Professor Miller said next whets our appetite for Liberty films — “In our program, story is the most important element. Students get notes at every stage of writing. They get feedback from us and other film students. Everyone does a rewrite.” As painful as that sounds, we know that success is spelled r-e-w-r-i-t-e.

Professor Jonathan Hout joined us at Macado’s Restaurant and happily told us that Liberty’s film students enter their work in dozens of national film festivals with great results. His drive to make Liberty students the best they can be is certainly inspiring and speaks well for the commitment that Liberty makes to its cinema program.

Doug and Jonathan proudly showed off the university’s equipment facility and the thousands of dollars worth of movie-making equipment generously donated by alumni. One can imagine the magnificent work that results from the combination of dedicated and talented teachers, 60-hour work weeks by students, state-of-the-art equipment, and the drive to produce amazing stories for the big screen.

We are excited to invite the best-of-the-best Liberty University narrative and documentary shorts to our 2018 College Film Awards. Go Flames!

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