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Twenty-third in a series of articles from our visits to colleges and universities that are invited to participate in the 2018 College Film Awards.

The traffic and walking students blur past us like the opening montage of “House of Cards.”

This is George Washington University in the heart of the District of Columbia — an easy quick walk to the White House, the Capitol, the museums and all the haunts of our nation’s capital. What a mecca for filmmaking!

We visited this largely paved and building-intense campus last week to determine its movie-making potential and, boy, were we impressed.

GWU houses its film program in its School of Communications, one of the premier media schools in the country. Its film students benefit from a large array of film studies courses, including film theory, genres of film and “History of World Cinema.” Electives focus on a variety of world cultures, such as French, German, Japanese, Korean, Arab, Israeli, and Italian film history.

Film production courses are conspicuously absent, but we surmise that students are so inspired by their film culture studies that they grab a camera or two and set out to film the world. We know they have stories to tell and can refine them in advanced screenwriting courses.

So we welcome the accomplished students of George Washington University to our list of College Film Awards schools with a mighty “Go Colonials!”

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