The Poe Film Festival is not currently accepting pitches or scripts other than through the contest format.

The Poe Film Festival is proud to announce the following semifinalist scripts and writers of our 2019 Burning Love Screenplay Contest:

1994 by Daniel Stephenson

And They Shall Handle Serpents by Jason Tostevin

Artwork Title Please by Sandy Nigel

Asida by Giorgi Gachava

Bedtime by Leonardo Costa Souza

Combustion by Craig Oliver

Comic Book Hero: The Scarlet Flame by Neil Golin

Concertmistress by Caroline Rovello

Dark Sails on the Horizon by Patrick Gamble

District 1 by Scott Miller

Dragging the Mark by Suzy Stein

Fang by Joe Ippolito

Feed the Kids and Watch Them Grow by A.J. Frank

Give Love a Shot by Al Finocchio

House Rules by Diana Lee Woody

Introvert Hell by Drew Broadhurst

Kill Your Kids by Kevin Byrnes

Love at First Night by Alessandro Cardoso

Lovers of Darkness by Eduardo Soto-Falcon

Man Running Blind by John T. Frederick

Mijo by John McCarney

Muse Me by Jeffrey Morin

On Top of the World by Kevin Isaacson

One Fateful Encounter by Ray-Alan Camereon

The Cave Girl by Brendan Butler

The Little Death by Tao of Bobo

The Lost Track by Brandon Stark

The Osmonds by Patrick Gamble

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