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Talula Mays (carried by her friend)

The Poe Film Festival proudly announces the winners of the 2017 College Film Awards!

Technical Merit Award: Justin Coupe and Patrick Ogden for Autumn’s Room, Art Institute of Washington
Nominees were: Do You Know, Sophia Ogden, Virginia Tech; Ghost Machines, Paige Compton, Art Institute of Washington; Monday, Chenzy Graziano, Regent University, and Until Death Do Us Part, Nathanael Dunn, Regent University.

Artistic Merit Award: Talula Mays for Delicacy, Mary Baldwin UniversityNominees were: Changing Jane, Jarrod Anderson, Regent University; Ticking Hearts, Nick Moon, Regent University; vi. Gratitude, Jeanette Lam, University of Richmond, and Monday.

Best Screenplay Award: W. Adam Burdeshaw, Until Death Do Us Part, Regent UniversityNominees were: Bar Quixote, Matthew Benedict, Art Institute of Washington; Jiggle the Knob, Steven Burneson, Virginia Tech; Changing Jane, Jarrod Anderson, Regent University, and Harrison Mines, Positive, Roanoke College.

Grand Prize Best Film: Jarrod Anderson for Changing Jane, Regent University

Nominees were: Bar Quixote, Monday, Do You Know, and Until Death Do Us Part.


Congratulations to all of our very talented and passionate college filmmakers. Hope to see you all again next October!